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Log in to access this protected resource. If you are unable to login please look at the frequently asked questions. If you don't remember your login information, please contact one of the SS&C GlobeOp Help Desks listed in the Help Desk Contacts panel on the right.

Access to this web site is using two levels of security. The first is your normal username and password that you use to access the site. The second is a One Time Code that will be delivered to your registered email address on request if you are logging in from a computer that you have not previously accessed the web site from and entered the One Time Code.

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You are attempting to retrieve a GoReporting report from an email link, but have not yet saved your portal access preference. Please select one of the options below to confirm the existing link you typically use: SSCFS Portal ( or GOPortal ( Upon selection, your preference will be saved to streamline the process the next time you access GoReporting reports via the email link.

If you ever need to change your preference, please use the FAQ section on the login screen of and choose the 'I want to change my GoReporting email site preference' option.

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